Tanning injections to ensure a great tan

I love tanning injections, they are certainly great for many reasons. I have a few scars so whenever I schedule a session I always follow instructions. People who have scars are advised to use a sunscreen on the scar area to minimize UV exposure. It is recommended that a self-tanning can help equalize the scar with the rest of the skin may be used .

Is it possible to tan with contact lenses? Note that the eyes lose moisture during tanning sessions and the rest of the body. This can cause the lenses easily adhere. Drops can be applied before and after tanning to maintain adequate moisture. Always recommended for this reason to use eye protection, which will be offered for free as part of the service.

Ultra violet rays

Does the Ultra Violet ray emission varies? After injections, you still need to beware about basics. If you take many sessions, remember that the exposure of each individual may vary in different tanning salons because teams, the intensity and the time they have lamps in different tanning salons are different; there are rooms that do not change their lamps, so do not have enough intensity in a bed with new bulbs. I have noticed that the old machines tend to offer a time of 20-30 minutes of exposure to UV rays per session, which is not recommended because it can not only tanning the skin can also burn and for that reason lead to injuries.

Get rid of doubts

The owner of the best tanning salon will help you according to your needs. Ask about tanning injections! I was able to get rid of doubts. Many people are concerned about future consequences. Well, most are myths. Note that quality tanning beds emit UV only on the right depth meaning that this will not pass through the dermis or middle layer of the skin.

The best tanning injections hints for everyone

I was not really an expert in terms of tanning. However, once I started scheduling tanning appointments all went well. After a handful of short sessions you will be good to go! It depends on your color but some tanning injections may be needed, too.

If you wish to build your base tan and start showing a more intense color, the above is necessary. Who does not enjoy a natural tan resort to differentiate your skin? The tanning bed is one of the most used to look tan even and measured throughout the year, without having to go to the beach or wait for the summer with its golden highlights resources.

Basic hints for hydration

I always consider moisturizing guidelines. So, once you have finished tanning , you need to keep hydrated to help develop skin color. A brief tanning session usually has no noticeable results. Be patient. This method of tanning would be perfect for our health, to keep us safe from the dangerous action of sunlight on the skin. Thus, after injections and the best tanning bed, you will be fine.

Many wonder if this method is safe. Well, while anything is perfect and flawless, it works. Like any artificial substitute for a natural process ? Before deciding on a method of tanning, just read about benefits and procedures. Just stay away from bad quality machines and poor injections.


The main advantage of the tanning bed and injections when compared to natural tan is time saving and you can tan everywhere even. No need to lie for hours in the sun to get a an attractive tan. Through the issuance of similar to the rays of the sun, the sun bed provides the desired half the time that natural tanning method. It also allows the body to tan evenly without having to go lying down on each side to get a uniform color.

Top tanning injections hints and tanning myths to feel at ease

It is essential to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which can be complemented perfectly with the consumption of cucumber, melon, watermelon and mushrooms. So do not hesitate, follow these tips as I did and you will achieve an enviable frankly, lasting tan and, best of all, healthy!

Find experts and follow tips

If you contemplate the idea of using tanning beds, you should consider a site that offers the service, and claims to be serious, warn the (positive and negative) that may involve exposure to ultraviolet rays. You should also check that the equipment used is subjected to regular maintenance and that staff are properly trained to handle them.

Generally, they make me sign a basic document that is given, it informs about the process and accept exposure to the devices. Pretty simple. Here are some observations that will also be very useful for you:
• Serious establishments prohibit the use of tanning devices under 18 years.
• Must provide adequate safeguards to protect your eyes from UV glasses: sunglasses are not effective.
• Before exposure, be sure to thoroughly clean skin; if possible undergo scrubbing, i.e. the removal of dead cells, scaling and debris that accumulates on the surface of the skin through the use of this special granular products.

• Remove any makeup or perfume, and discard jewelry, metallic contact lenses.
• Between sessions you must wait at least 48 hours. I do two per week.
• Hydrate skin after tanning with a product that preserves moisture thereof.
• Report if you use drugs , because they can generate any allergies that may cause reactions .

Why does a tan disappear? The cells of the germinative layer of the epidermis also called (living epidermis ) are constantly pushing the older cells reproduce to the hard layer (dead epidermis), and this is clear out 1 month. As these cells replace skin, melanin loaded cells disappear, so the process should continue in the new cells .
How many sessions are needed to get a tan? This depends on each person’s body and its natural melanin production but require an average of 2-5 sessions to obtain a desirable tone tan. How long does the tan lasts? I look tan for long but this can vary. Once you have obtained a base tan can last from 20 to 30 days depending on your individual skin.

Tips after a tanning session

UV beds should not be used by pregnant women, people with symptoms of heat stroke or burns, who have had skin cancer or those with a family history of such anomalies. Say yes to “Smart Tanning”. All in all, this is a concept of security. So, even if you enjoy the beaches in summer, tanning indoors when it is cloudy is just the way to go! This includes a reasonable and easy to care guideline for your skin. Learn preventative steps and enjoy. Note that tanning beds provided by the best team are considered a 100% natural process. Skilful individuals control the uv radiation to ensure safety. The right tanning session accelerates or request the production of Melanotan (the epidermis) and in turn the production of melanin, which is the substance responsible to give the skin pigmentation.
If you remember nothing else, at least keep this rule in mind. Heat stroke is the enemy associated with permanent skin damage. The ability to tan while minimizing the risk of sunburn is one of the main reasons why people come to tanning beds to tan. Although many people experience issues, they don’t really know. So, why not avoid that by finding the right tanning salon?

Learn all about tanning injections

There are many tanning injections concepts. An important point concerning about tanning is the heat generated by the beds. Some women are told to be cautious with saunas, hot tubs or hot bath or excessive heat of the sun as it can cause discomfort, but tanning beds can become hot even have a ventilation system broad and exposure duration is 10 minutes. I’ve learned that most tanning salons require written permission from your doctor so they can brown.

For pregnant women

What if you are pregnant? Well, women who breastfeed will notice that there is a sensitive nipples and want to cover that area while tanning . It is beneficial to take a lot of fluids, preferably water; there is no medical evidence that while his breast can dry breast milk.

Additional tips

What products should you include in your diet to accelerate tanning? Proper diet allows you to achieve and maintain a beautiful tan. There are foods rich in beta carotene which enhance the creation of melanin (parsley, carrot, tomato, peach, melon … ). Vitamin C enhances collagen formation to maintain a smooth and youthful skin (orange, kiwi, cantaloupe, strawberries, etc). Foods rich in selenium and vitamin E (olive oil or soy, nuts) have antioxidant capacity.

If you’ve spent with the sun, eat salmon, mackerel, sardines or tuna, rich in fatty acids. Does it make sense to go for tanning injections before going on vacation? Yes, I love this! Note that a tan is recommended before. Why? This is simple: you have to prepare the skin to receive intense sunlight during summer vacation and have the time needed to produce sunscreen The greater effectiveness in this regard is achieved in modern solar banks like daylight. Is it inadvisable to shower after a tanning session or injection? The rumor that a cool shower after tanning in the sun bank can clean and scrub the skin by removing the tan is fake. The tan is produced in the skin itself, not on it. The best thing is to enhance your tan skin care with a shower and a moisturizer.