Tanning Injection Review

HealthBusinessElite_Masthead_WebTanning injections have become increasingly popular amongst individuals all over the world. In my case, I was simply looking for different tanning solutions that would be less expensive and more convenient for me to use. With my fair skin, it was nearly impossible to use the sun to get the color that I wanted without burning and peeling for weeks on end. Luckily, tanning injections such as Melanotan have provided me with the opportunity to get the color that I want without damaging my skin via UV rays. This review of tanning injections may assist you with determining whether it is the right method of tanning for you.

Side Effects

Prior to using any type of injection or product that goes into my skin, I always look into the side effects. Although different individuals have reported that they have experienced some side effects or no side effects, I still spoke with my doctor prior to using the formula. I began tanning the injections 6 months ago and during my first week of use, I experienced nausea, headaches, and hot flashes. At first it was rather tedious to deal with but the side effects disappeared after a week and never returned.

The Amount of Injections

The amount of injections that you administer will depend on your skin type and the color of skin that you wish to have. The lighter and more fair that your skin is, the more injections you will need in comparison to someone who has darker skin. With that being said, the formula reacts differently from person to person, therefore the effects could differ drastically. Ensure that you constantly check up on your skin to see if there is any change in color during the months that you use the injections.

Determining the Dosage

The next component that I took into consideration while using tanning injections was the amount of the formula that I would have to inject into my body. Once again, I spoke with my doctor to determine which amount of the tanning solution my body would be able to take on a regular basis. After receiving a consultation from my dermatologist, my health professionals decided that I would be okay to take a small amount of the formula on a daily basis. Once I had achieved the color that I wanted, I was able to take only one injection a week to maintain the color.

My Experience with Tanning Injections

fl_health_webSunless tanning has been all the rage since women and men have become more aware of the detriments associated with using traditional tanning methods. There are different sunless tanning products available on the market, but my favorite has been tanning injections such as Melanotan. Rather than having to spend an ample amount of money on frequent tanning booth or tanning bed sessions, Melanotan provides me with the opportunity to have the perfect toned skin every day of the year.

Results Within Days

Prior to using tanning injections such as Melanotan, I was curious as to how long it would take for the solution to impact my skin. I had read reports that individuals had experienced a change in color within weeks whereas others noticed a change in skin pigment within days. In my personal experience, I began to notice a change in skin color within days. It is important to note that if you use the solution as directed, you will receive the results that you want, otherwise it will take longer to work.

Consulting Doctors and Skin Care Specialists

I prefer to speak with my doctor and my dermatologist before I use any beauty product that involves injections or creams that are absorbed into the skin, therefore I reached out to my healthcare professionals prior to using Melanotan. With the help of my doctor and dermatologist, we discussed how to administer the injections safely and how much of the formula I would use on a regular basis. Keeping in mind that every skin type is different and your body may react differently than mine, my healthcare professionals advised that I should inject a small amount of Melanotan into my skin on a daily basis.

Considering Other Options

Of course there are hundreds of different tanning products that are currently available on the market, but it is important that you find the right product for you. I didn’t have any incidents that deterred me from the use of tanning injections, although your skin may react differently. It is important to consider whether you are comfortable with this particular method of tanning because if not, you may want to consider other Melanotan products such as their spray-on tan. Although the tanning injections are far less time consuming and quite convenient, this at-home tanning solution should not be used by individuals who will be unable to effectively use the injections.

Tanning Injections for Sunless Tanning

National_Taipei_University_of_Nursing_and_Health_Science_logoI have always been interested in different types of tanning such as tanning beds, tanning booths, and even sunless tanning. Tanning injections are a relatively new addition to the beauty community and more women are beginning to use them as they are most cost effective and less time consuming than other tanning methods. When I began using tanning injections, my entire body was encompassed by a perfectly even tan rather than having splotchy skin (which I have experienced with self-tanner). If you’re interested in knowing more about tanning injections, this informative guide will help you.

What are Tanning Injections?

This was my first question when I had first heard of tanning injections such as Melanotan US product. Essentially, it is a synthetic hormone that was created to mimic the properties of melanocyte-stimulating hormone. MSH is the component within the body that is responsible for darkening the color of your skin and tinting your skin pigment. Generally when you are exposed to UV rays via other methods of tanning, the skin will begin to release MSH to darken the skin. In comparison to this, tanning injections stimulate the response of MSH even if you aren’t in the sun.

Avoiding of Skin Cancer

One of the largest benefits associated with tanning injections is that they protect users from skin cancer. My main concern when I began my tanning experiences was that my skin was going to hate me by the time I was done tanning. Luckily tanning injections provide you with the opportunity to receive an all-over tan in the absence of sun. According to various researchers, the best way to protect the skin from getting cancer due to tanning is to find a natural way to gradually darken skin pigments over a span of weeks, rather than in a couple of hours.

The Injections

The final factor to consider when you begin researching tanning injections are the injections themselves. I would advise that anyone who is afraid of needles should not decide to use this method of tanning as they are self-administered shots. You will need to find a fatty part of the body, pinch it, and then inject the formula into the skin. At first the process made me weary as I am not the perfect candidate for self-administered shots, but after I had achieved the color that I wanted and was able to cut back on injections, it wasn’t as bad.

Learn all about tanning injections

There are many tanning injections concepts. An important point concerning about tanning is the heat generated by the beds. Some women are told to be cautious with saunas, hot tubs or hot bath or excessive heat of the sun as it can cause discomfort, but tanning beds can become hot even have a ventilation system broad and exposure duration is 10 minutes. I’ve learned that most tanning salons require written permission from your doctor so they can brown.

For pregnant women

What if you are pregnant? Well, women who breastfeed will notice that there is a sensitive nipples and want to cover that area while tanning . It is beneficial to take a lot of fluids, preferably water; there is no medical evidence that while his breast can dry breast milk.

Additional tips

What products should you include in your diet to accelerate tanning? Proper diet allows you to achieve and maintain a beautiful tan. There are foods rich in beta carotene which enhance the creation of melanin (parsley, carrot, tomato, peach, melon … ). Vitamin C enhances collagen formation to maintain a smooth and youthful skin (orange, kiwi, cantaloupe, strawberries, etc). Foods rich in selenium and vitamin E (olive oil or soy, nuts) have antioxidant capacity.

If you’ve spent with the sun, eat salmon, mackerel, sardines or tuna, rich in fatty acids. Does it make sense to go for tanning injections before going on vacation? Yes, I love this! Note that a tan is recommended before. Why? This is simple: you have to prepare the skin to receive intense sunlight during summer vacation and have the time needed to produce sunscreen The greater effectiveness in this regard is achieved in modern solar banks like daylight. Is it inadvisable to shower after a tanning session or injection? The rumor that a cool shower after tanning in the sun bank can clean and scrub the skin by removing the tan is fake. The tan is produced in the skin itself, not on it. The best thing is to enhance your tan skin care with a shower and a moisturizer.